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Showing 5 articles


Directory Indexing

Directory indexing vulnerabilities occur when a web application server is configured to return a listing of files in a web accessible directory in response to an HTTP request for that directory. Direc...


Insecure Indexing

Insecure indexing vulnerabilities occur when the application discloses the location of sensitive or otherwise valuable files. Insecure indexing typically occurs when a web search engine finds sensitiv...


Application Misconfiguration

Application misconfiguration vulnerabilities occur when an application is not configured properly by the user. Examples include weak passwords, weak access control permissions, exposed configuration s...


Server Misconfiguration

Server misconfiguration vulnerabilities occur when the server that hosts the web application is not configured properly. Some types of server misconfiguration might not provide any dangerous capabil...


Improper Filesystem Permissions

Improper filesystem permissions vulnerabilities occur when the filesystem permissions are not sufficiently restricted, either as a result of the application not setting strict enough permissions or th...

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